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For more than 3 decades, Ranneklev Bros., Inc. has been known for maintaining the highest level of quality and providing a pleasant construction experience for all our clients. Our clientele has been consistently pleased with the finished product we provide. Just as important as the quality products and services we provide is the discretion with which we do so. As you have seen in our photo gallery, no names or addresses are listed as a safeguard to protect the privacy of those whose homes are shown.

As you drive through your neighborhood, you will not see our signs out on the side of the road because we are not trying to attract more attention than absolutely necessary. Our substantial list of satisfied clients are available for review and confirmation when serious inquiries are made.....and always with the permission of our clients in advance!

Below are a few words from those for whom we have worked as well as the architects and designers we work alongside every day.


Client testimonials

"I cannot say enough about the experience that we had with Dan and his crew. The job was finished on time, within budget and with the highest level of workmanship....The fact that Dan has become one of my closest friends throughout the past 4 years exemplifies how pleasurable the building process was."
satisfied client


"I never thought I would be writing to celebrate a contractor. However, working with the Ranneklev's has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. Not only do they do their work well and on time, but they also do it with friendly care and integrity. I think anyone who can should have a Ranneklev experience in their life."
Barbara Kafka


"Ranneklev Bros. have done a beautiful job on my custom remodel. Communication was never a challenge, the crew was very professional and their quality of workmanship is excellent. Their ability to build a home, not just a house, is rare and I would use them again on any future projects!"
Jolley Frank


"I have the same feeling now that I did the first time I walked into the house: complete awe. The level of detail and craftsmanship is beyond compare, and the challenges that our site brought to the job were always met with a commitment to finding a solution that was practical and beautiful. I can say about Ranneklev Brothers what few people I know who have gone through construction can say...that I would do it all over again."
satisfied client


Architect and Designer Testimonials

"If you can draw it, they can build it.....right!"
Matt Petire, Petrie Architecture

"It was a pleasure to finally work with a builder who truly manages the process as well as paying attention to all the details along the way"
Lynn Gernert, Lynn Gernert Architects

"During the last ten years, I had the privilege of working with Ranneklev Brothers and Dan Rannekleiv on several large residential projects in Westchester County. The projects were managed in a timely and efficient manner and the quality of the construction was always of the highest standard. The company employs experienced craftsmen and maintains long term relationships with the mechanical and electrical trades to achieve the exacting requirements of the large residential projects. Of the special importance is the fact that everyone on the job site took the time to study and understand the nature of design allowing them to maintain the detail consistency without the constant supervision. I would recommend Ranneklev Brothers as the construction company with the highest professional and ethical standards."
Boris Pogacnik, Pogacnik Architects LLC